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Using the vMix Web Controller + Viz Flowics
Using the vMix Web Controller + Viz Flowics
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vMix Web Controller allows you to control your production using a device (PC, mobile, tablet) that is connected to the same network as your vMix computer, it is very easy to use and configure, all you need is a device that has a web browser and is connected to the network.

Using the vMix Web Controller you can send the Flowics graphics to the Preview or Program of the production in a specific Overlay layer.

Getting the Flowics Graphics ready to work with vMix Web Controller

In vMix you are going to add the Output Url from your Graphics Package as a Web Browser Input. Is a best practice go to the input settings and rename it.

It is possible to add more than one Output Url, either because you have more than one graphic package or because you use Output Profiles to be able to control each region of the graphics in an independent way.

If you are not familiar with the Output Profiles in Flowics please see all the necessary information here: Using Output Profiles

Configuring the vMix Web Controller

(1) Open the Settings section of vMix.

(2) Click on the vMix Web Controller tab, check the top box to enable it.

(3) The default Port for the connection is 8088, it is recommended to change this only if you are an advanced user and understand network protocols.

(4) Enter the Web Site Address in a new browser tab.

For now, when opening the Web Controller you will see that it is empty.

To configure it, follow the steps below:

(1) Go to the View Shortcuts button.

(2) A pop-up window appears that is currently empty, then click on Edit.

(3) The Shortcuts settings will open.

(4) Add a shortcut.

(5) Unfold the Function dropdown.

(6) When the modal is displayed, select Overlay.

The functions that we are going to use in this case are:

  • OverlayInput1: To assign the Flowics Graphic to Overlay 1 in the Program.

  • PreviewOverlayInput1: To assign the Flowics Graphic to Overlay 1 in the Preview.

Note: If you want to assign it to another Overlay you can choose between numbers 1- 4.

(7) Use the Input field to assign the Input in vMix, for this example we choose 2 FLOWICS from the dropdown

(8) Name the button on the Title field.

This is the configuration of the button to add the Flowics graphic to the Overlay1 of the Program

The configuration of the button to add the Flowics graphic to the Overlay1 of the Preview will look like this:

Once you have added both buttons, click on OK

Refresh the page of your vMix Web Controller so you will be able to see the recently created Shortcuts buttons.

With these buttons you can send the graphics to Preview and / or Program.

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