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Integrating Viz Flowics with AWS Elemental Media Live
Integrating Viz Flowics with AWS Elemental Media Live
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You can use the motion graphics overlay feature to superimpose a motion image onto the video in a MediaLive channel. The motion image is based on an HTML5 motion graphic asset like a Graphics Package built in Flowics.


  • Flowics output URL

  • On MediaLive, you must enable motion graphics in each channel where you want to include Flowics graphics.


MediaLive does not support video and audio, this will affect all social media posts with these properties.

1. Enabling Motion Graphics Feature

Follow this procedure when you create the channel or when you are modifying an existing channel (must be stopped).

  1. Display the General channel settings section and choose the Motion graphics configuration panel.

  2. Turn on the Enable motion graphics configuration. More fields appear.

  3. Set the fields as follows:

    • Motion graphics insertion – Set to Enabled.

    • Motion graphics settings – Leave the value as HTML motion graphics (the only option).

2. Adding a Schedule Action

To activate the Flowics graphics, you must add a schedule action of type: Motion graphics image activate

You can create the action at any time – before the channel has started or while it is already running.

3. Adding Output URL

In URL field, add the Flowics output URL.

Leaving the Duration field empty means that it is always active until another action is sent to deactivate.

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