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Integrating Viz Flowics with Restream
Integrating Viz Flowics with Restream
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Flowics graphics can be integrated with Restream if we send the Output as a RTMP Pull Link and use OBS to mix Flowics Graphics + Restream signal.

Below you will find a step-by-step guide to complete this integration.

If we do the integration in OBS the distribution to the different streaming channels will be done there.

To have access to the RTMP Pull Links configuration you must have at least a Restream Professional license.

RTMP Pull Link Configuration

First we must configure the RTMP Link in Restream, for that we log in to our Restream account and go to the next section:

We must have at least one destination channel added.

(1) We go to the tab called "More", located in the same menu, there we will find the button to create an RTMP Pull Link.

(2) We click on Create Link and assign a name to the link, then save and the link will be created.

(3) We display the menu clicking on the button on the right and then we are going to activate the "Merge fields" option.

That way we will get a single link that we will use in OBS when doing our integration.

We should copy the link and save it for later in the process.

(4) Going back to the main menu we have to select the Record Only option.

This way we will only be streaming to our RTMP Link, even if we have assigned a Streaming channel, the signal will only go to the link.

(5) Assign a title to your record

(6) Once the composition has been completed we start the recording and in this way the RTMP Pull Link will receive the signal.

(7) Once in OBS we have to add the Media Source option.

After giving it a name in the next menu we are going to deactivate the option that says Local File (8), two fields will appear, Field and Input Format, in Field we must paste the link obtained from Restream (9) and in Input Format we write RTMP (10).

Now we proceed to add the layer with the Flowics graphic, for this we should already have the link of our output ready.

(11) We must add a Browser source, paste the Flowics link and give it the appropriate size.

(12) The Browser source must be on top of the Media Source that contains the RTMP Link, that way the composition will be ready to start the streaming.

For example, we could send our signal to a Twitch channel.

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