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Integrating Viz Flowics with OBS through NDI
Integrating Viz Flowics with OBS through NDI
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We currently have Flowics NDI® Converter is an application that converts your graphics to integrate them into NDI workflows.This application will receive a URL of a Flowics Graphics and a name for the NDI stream (among other settings), continually render the HTML output and cast an NDI video from it.

Through this integration, you will be able to deliver Flowics graphics with transparency without the need of chroma keying. Also, by doing this via NDI, you can use your switcher's inputs for additional cameras, video players, etc.


  1. Having installed OBS 26.1.1 or higher. (Download it from

  2. Flowics Output URL.

Configuring the NDI output

To get NDI output working in OBS we need to following the next steps according to your system:


Download and install:

Run the whole installation and at the end it will ask you to reboot your system.


Download and install:

Once you have rebooted the system (only for Windows), open OBS and on the upper menu go to Tools. You should be able to see NDI Output Settings.

If you can see this menu it means that you have successfully completed the installation.

Enabling Transparent Background

Now that your OBS-NDI output is ready, you have to add the Flowics URL as a browser source.

Tip: If you do not know how to do it, follow our guide.

Once you have added the Browser Source you must right click on the Input and select Filters.

In the Filters for “Browser” window we must add two types of filters in the Effect Filters section:

  • Dedicated NDI Output.

  • obs-ndi - Fix alpha blending.

Now any software that supports NDI Inputs should be receiving the OBS NDI output with alpha channel. You will find the one signal named "Dedicated NDI Output".

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