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Integrating Viz Flowics with OBS through SDI
Integrating Viz Flowics with OBS through SDI
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With Viz Flowics you can output your Graphics with OBS through a SDI workflow.

In this article we will show you an step by step guide and some requirements to complete this integration. Before continue with this process you may want to learn the advantages of using SDI clicking here.


  1. Having installed the latest version of OBS. You can download it from (free).

  2. Blackmagic card Decklink Quad 2 OR Blackmagic Duo 2 card. Find the card configuration, hardware and software requirements clicking here.

  3. Flowics output URL

How do I Configure Open Broadcaster Studio (OBS) for Decklink output with Key and Fill output

1. Open the Flowics Remote of your Graphics

2. Open Graphics Output and Copy the URL

3. Open OBS

4. Click on the + in the Sources Section and Select Browser

5. Select Create new and Name the Browser

6. Paste the Flowics Graphics URL into URL and set the Width and Height to your decided Resolution

7. After clicking on OK you will see your active Graphic inside the OBS Window

8. Go to Settings -> Advanced and Change in the Section Video the Color Format to RGB to get an RGB+Alpha output over your Decklink Device

9. Go in the TopBar to Tools -> Decklink Output

10. In the Decklink Output Menu select your Device and in Mode the decided Resolution and FrameRate and as Keyer External to get a Key + Fill Output

11. After you hit Start you will see the Graphics over your Decklink output. We Recommend activating autostart so that every time you start OBS the graphics will appear automatically

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