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Integrating Viz Flowics into SDI Workflow with Crystal Vision M-WEBKEY web page keyer
Integrating Viz Flowics into SDI Workflow with Crystal Vision M-WEBKEY web page keyer
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You can integrate your Flowics graphics into your workflow with video SDI using Crystal Vision Web Page Keyer which is an IP/SDI web page keyer app.

The M-WEBKEY allows the SDI video input to be set as the background source, with the overlaid foreground source and key signal coming from the web page URL. The M-WEBKEY will render the web page at the correct resolution and frame rate for the video signal and then key the graphic on to the SDI video.


  • Flowics output URL.

  • Crystal Vision MARBLE DT with M-WEBKEY software app with at least one SFP+ and a VR06 rear module. More information can be found here.

Setting up the VR06 Connections

  • Connect mains power and 1 Gb/s ethernet for configuration to the MARBLE DT.

  • Connect the media network and the network connection that will access the Flowics output URL to Eth1 on the rear module. If multiple physical connections are to be used connect your network to Eth2-4. These are 10 Gb/s fiber connections.

Setting up M-WEBKEY to key Flowics Graphics

Open a web browser and enter the MARBLE DT’s IP address in the address bar. This will connect you to the VisionWeb configuration tool. Select the M-WEBKEY application. (1) The main menu headings are available at the bottom of the window. Select Ethernet Interfaces. (2) In the Ethernet Interface 1. Configure Eth 1:1 to connect to the network that will access the media network as well as the Flowics output URL. If multiple connections are required, continue by configuring required connections.

The next step (3) is select DNS server tab. (4) Enter the proper DNS settings required to connect to the Flowics output URL.

Select Input and then Input enable (5) check "Enable" and then (6) select SDI.

Select Output then Output enable. (7) Tick Output 1 and then select the output protocol SDI.

Select Keyer (8) Enter the Flowics output URL into the Web Server URL dialog box and (9) click URL reload.

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