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Using the Playlists API
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This API provides the ability to manage Playlists and Playlists items in the Rundown Control.

To utilize this API, it is imperative to generate a token for the Graphics Package that requires control. Detailed instructions on generating the token can be found in this article.

Playlists API

  • List Playlists: Get the Playlists you currently have in your Rundow Control.

  • Create Playlists: Create one or more playlists, appending them at the end of the list. Playlists can have repeated names. It is up to you to specify different names if needed.

  • Update Playlist:

  • Delete Playlist: All the items belonging to the playlist will be taken out if needed and removed.

  • Move Playlist: Set playlist positions in reference to another item. Playlists can be moved to the first place or after another playlist.

Playlists Items API

  • List Playlists Items:

    • Get the items of a particular playlist.

    • If you GET the items of a Playlist created with a Newsroom Computer System NCS, each item will return its MOS coordinates.

  • Create Playlists Items: Generate new Overlays based on the ones you have in the Editor of your Graphics Package.

  • Update Playlists Item: It supports updating the state of the overlay (IN or OUT)

  • Update Playlist Items: Updates Playlist Items in bulk. It supports updating the state of the overlay (IN or OUT). Up to 100 items can be updated per request.

  • Move Playlist Item: An Item can be moved to the first place on the list or after another Item.

  • Delete Playlist Item: Takes the overlay out if needed and then removes it.

To find all you need to know about the Playlists API please refer to the complete API documentation available here.

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