Using the Output API
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This API provides the ability to control the overlays available in a Graphics Package Ouput.

To utilize this API, it is imperative to generate a token for the Graphics Package that requires control. Detailed instructions on generating the token can be found in this article.

It is useful for:

  • Overlay State Transition: Transition overlay state from IN to OUT and vice versa

  • Show output info: Gets definition of a graphics output.

  • List Overlays: List all the Overlays available in your Graphics Package.

  • Take All Overlays Out: Use it when you need to transition all overlays from a graphics output to an OUT state.

  • Update Overlays: Updates can comprise either overlay state ( IN | OUT), overlay controls, or both.

  • List Global Data Providers: Get global providers' information from your Graphics Output.

To find all you need to know about the Output API please refer to the complete API documentation available here.

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