Working with Data Connectors: JSON Streaming Push
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The Data Connector JSON Streaming Push allows you to push real-time information through a WebSocket (network protocol based on TCP that establishes how data should be exchanged between networks).

Please be aware that, for incoming streaming websocket, we accept messages up to 65KB. Any integration with a payload larger than that should be done using plain HTTP.


Generate Data connectors Inputs and configure as JSON Streaming Push - Content

Generate the Data Connector Input

(1) unfold the Settings at the top menu and then select Data Connectors - Inputs. (2) Click on Add and choose JSON Streaming Push - Content.

(3) Edit the new Input.

(4) The token is the identifier that is generated for each new Input. (5) Push URL is the instruction with the integrated token. (6) You can assign the name of your Input. (7) Schema is the section where you can edit the JSON schema.

Adding the Data Connector to the Graphics Editor

First, you need to add an External Connector to your tree (1) and then click on Connect (2).

From the External Source panel choose JSON Streaming Push (if it's not listed contact your designated Customer Success Manager).

Setting up the JSON Streaming Push

(1) Select the Input you created.

After adding the JSON´s Input, (2) check that the connection is available, selecting in the Inspector, View Source -> Event Stream. After these steps, you can start making your graphic.

JSON streaming push example Graphics

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