Working with Data Connectors: Atom/RSS
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You can use Data Connectors to integrate data from different sources. In this article, we are covering how to use it to Integrate RSS articles into your Graphics.

1. Adding the Data Connector to the Graphics Editor

First, you need to add an External Connector to your tree (1) and click on Connect from the Inspector's External Connector panel (2)

From the External Source panel, select the option: Atom/RSS Feed.


Then, add the Atom/RSS URL you want to use. It needs to be one of the following formats: ATOM/1.0, ATOM/0.3, RSS/2.0, RSS/1.0, RSS/0.9X.

In the example, we are using, which is an RSS/2.0 as you can see from the first line of the XML:

2- Creating the Graphics

Then you can start creating the Graphics by binding Visual Elements to the related content. As RSS always brings a list of entries, you can use our Dynamic Content List Building Block and bind it to the entries array. As with any Dynamic list, it can be filtered with pagination, limit, sorting, etc.

Once you have bound the list, you can start binding the title, description, and dates to text elements, getting to something like this:

As Data Connectors could often bring a great amount of variables, instead of the binding dropdown you will face a more complete dialog to find the variable you want to use. There is a search field to find a variable you already know the name, and an Index dropdown to quickly navigate through the data hierarchy.

Synchronizing and Changing the feed URL

To bring new content, you can Synchronize the feed content by clicking on the Sync Now button, which is present both at the Graphics Editor and at the Remote.

You can also change the Feed URL anytime by editing Connector settings from the inspector:

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