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Working with augmentations in Data Connectors
Working with augmentations in Data Connectors
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Augmentations can only be managed by a Company Administrator.

Augmentations allow adding additional data that your data provider does not provide. E.g. You have some statistics about a sport but you also want to show in your graphics player images, flags, team logos, etc and this data is not provided in the external API, we can include augmenting the source where the graphics are consuming this data.

Keep in mind that the following Connectors cannot be augmented:

  • JSON Get

  • JSON HTTP Push

  • JSON Local

  • JSON Streaming Push

  • ATOM / RSS Feed

You must follow the steps below to add an augmentation:

1. Associating a Google Account

Associate a Google account and Enable Google Drive Access.

2. Adding an Augmentation

To add a new Augmentation:

(1) Go to the customer's company.

(2) Go to Data Connectors >> select Data Connectors - Augmentations

(3) Add a new augmentation by selecting the data connector where the customer wants to add it.

3. Creating a Google Spreadsheet

You will be able to work with a "master" spreadsheet by clicking the "Export keys to new GoogleSheet" button. A new spreadsheet will be created on behalf of your Google Account.

4. Updating Data

Enter your Google Sheet and update the data you want to sync. Note that if you are going to upload images, you need to upload them to the Assets Library, then copy and paste the link into your Google Sheet.

Then you can share the permissions to read or be able to edit. To make a Google Spreadsheet public, you need to click on File >> Share >> Get link change >> Anyone with the link

5. Syncing Data

When importing/exporting dictionaries your Google account will be listed.

Once you have updated your Google Spreadsheet, contact support at to sync the data.

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