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Setting up WhatsApp Integration
Setting up WhatsApp Integration
Updated over a week ago

In this article, we will show you how to integrate WhatsApp with Flowics using a Google Chrome extension.

This is an experimental feature so we suggest do not rely exclusively on it. Whatsapp support may become unavailable at certain times due to unannounced changes in the Whatsapp Web interface, on which Flowics relies


1. Google Chrome updated to the latest version

2. Flowics Chrome extension downloaded

3. Whatsapp web app open

1. Setting up the Flowics Chrome Extension

You will first need to Download the Flowics chrome extension.

Extract it and install it from the Google Chrome Configuration:

Take a look at the following video for a complete tutorial to learn how to enable Chrome Extensions Developer Mode:

2. Validate your token

Once the extension is installed, you will need to validate your Token.

To get your token, go back to Flowics and then to Data Connectors - External Integrations (1). Then, click on "+" (2) and choose the Content Whatsapp integration (3).

Once you have the Content Whatsapp selected, click on hidden token and select Reveal (4) to show your token up (5).

Copy the token, click on the Flowics Chrome extension and Enter your integration Token.

Paste it and click on Validate.

3. Whatsapp Web app

Browse to WhatsApp web, and follow the instructions to connect the phone that will be linked to Flowics.

Whatsapp web must be open while you are collecting messages. If for some reason it is closed or the connection is lost for a long period of time, messages will not be collected

Now you are ready for Connecting your WhatsApp account‍.

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