Social Media
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Flow's General Settings
Writing a search query to collect social content
Supported sources
Filtering Supported Languages
Flows are not collecting data
Using Flows vs Discover Content
Importing a CSV file into an excel sheet
Connecting a Social Account to Flowics
Reconnecting Social Media Accounts to Flowics
Renewing your Google account association
Removing the Flowics App from Facebook
Checking if my Instagram business account is already associated with a Facebook page
How to identify a business account on Instagram
Converting your Instagram personal account into a business account
Connecting an Instagram business account to a Facebook page
Setting up a Twitter Replies stream
Setting up a Twitter User Stream
Enabling Twitter Recent History
Setting up a Twitter Public Stream
Setting up a Facebook Comments Stream
Setting up a Facebook Page Posts Stream
Getting to know Instagram & Facebook Filters Capacity
Introducing Facebook Filters
Setting up an Instagram Hashtag Stream
Setting up an Instagram User Stream
Setting up an Instagram Comments Stream
Setting up an Instagram Mentions Stream
Introducing Instagram Filters
Connecting a WhatsApp account
Adding a WhatsApp Filter
Setting up WhatsApp Integration
Whatsapp Supported content
WhatsApp Filter is not collecting messages
Checking if you are running the latest version of the Flowics chrome extension
Setting up a Twitch Live Chat Filter
Setting up a YouTube live chat filter
Exporting Flow's content to a CSV from the Content Inbox
Manually adding posts to a Flow or Collection
Editing posts
Using Collections
Using the Content Inbox
Using the Profanity Curation Rule
Curating Social Content
Using curation rules based on emojis
Moderating Content for Stats Widgets
Analysing Flow's Content
Using the Discover Content
Using Curation Rules
Setting up a Twitter Poll Mechanic