Introducing Facebook Filters
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Our Facebook filters allow you to collect content and stats from this social network. These filters are divided into two main sources according to what kind of information you can collect.

  • Stats & Content filters are Facebook Comments Stream and Facebook Page Posts Stream. Using the stats & content filters you can either collect content (posts with text or image or video) or stats.

  • Stats: with this filter, you can only collect stats and no content will be shown in the Content Inbox. For the moment, Facebook Reactions is the only Stats filter.

Starting on November 1, 2018, all plans will have an unlimited* quota for monitoring content from Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and WhatsApp. Only Twitter content will remain limited to the monthly quota of your subscription plan.

*Initially, we are offering a limit of 1million posts for Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and WhatsApp, free of any charge and subject to change without notice.

Facebook Pages Posts

Collect Posts from a Facebook Page made by the owner. Be aware we do not support collecting shares nor posts specially targeted to audiences but we do collect promoted posts.

If you want to add a Page your Team already manages, you can find in 'Team Pages' all the Pages already associated with your Team as Social Accounts.

After picking your Page, you can also click on it and you will be redirected to the Facebook Page itself.

It supports language filtering and it can bring some data from the past (before the date you are starting the Flow with this filter).

Facebook Comments Stream

With this filter, you can collect comments from:

  • A particular public post on a Facebook page.

  • A website that has the Facebook plugin comments installed.

Collected Facebook comments with native videos will be displayed as images in the Content Inbox and Widgets. This happens because the Facebook content API does not deliver a reproducible video, instead of that they deliver an image.

To collect comments from any of the options above, you only need to enter the website or Facebook post's URL in the URLs field.

You can filter the comments by adding keywords or hashtags in the Search Query field and you can also filter by Language, for example, you can collect all comments from a post in Spanish with #Messi.

Each entered URL consumes 1 social item of the total assigned. For more information about your quota and Social Items, please contact your Account Manager or Sales Executive.

Find valuable information in our supported sources article.

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