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Setting up a Facebook Comments Stream
Setting up a Facebook Comments Stream
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This filter allows you to collect content comments from:

  • A particular public post on a Facebook Page.

  • A website that has Facebook plugin comments installed.

  • A Facebook Live video

For optimal results working with Facebook Content, please make sure you have connected a Facebook Page to Flowics.

We recommend you to associate a Facebook Page from a user who is an Admin or Editor on that page. Adding a user with a more basic role could affect the content you can access later.

Filter configuration

  • Add the Filter to a new or existing Flow.

    • Within your Flow, go to Filters and click on +Add

  • Look for Facebook Comments Stream in the list of available Filters. Add it to your Flow by clicking on +Add

Add posts to your filter

Posts have an expiration time and the Flow will stop collecting content when the post expires.

(1) Add posts from a page your team already manages.

  • Select an account

  • Select some Facebook posts. Each post consumes 1 social item of the total assigned. For more information about your quota and Social Items, please contact your Customer Success Manager or Sales Executive.

(2) You can filter the comments by adding keywords or hashtags in the Search Query field.

(3) And you can also filter by language.

Collected content

Collected Facebook comments with native videos will be displayed as images in the Content Inbox and Widgets. This happens because the Facebook content API does not deliver a reproducible video, instead of that they deliver an image.

Comments posts collected by the Facebook Comments Stream Filter will display:

  • Author's info (username).

  • Avatar.

  • Date and time when the post was collected by Flowics and not when the post was published by the user on Instagram.

  • Animated GIFs from comments in Facebook posts are not shown.

  • When you create a Facebook Comments Stream Filter, it will not bring users' avatars nor usernames if the Page has been added with a basic role.

Unknown User

If the comments are collected without user information, that is, without the author's name nor avatar, it is possible that you do not have sufficient permissions provided to Flowics and that is why Facebook does not return this information.

To solve this make sure the following

1. Check in the social account section that the connected FB page is not Disabled.

2. Check that the user who associated the Page with Flowics is part of the team to which your experiencing belongs.

3. Validate that the Facebook user has an admin or editor role on the page since only with these types of roles the necessary permissions can be assigned. If the user changed their password on Facebook or their role in the page was changed, it is necessary to grant the permissions again re-associating the page with Flowics.

4. If any of the above cannot be validated, then the commercial integration must be removed on Facebook and the permissions must be re-granted. For this, find the guide that explains step by step by clicking here.

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