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Setting up an Instagram Hashtag Stream
Setting up an Instagram Hashtag Stream
Updated over a week ago

This filter allows you to collect posts from a Hashtag on Instagram.

For optimal results working with Instagram Content, please make sure you have connected all your Business Accounts to Flowics.

Filter Configuration

  • Add the filter to a new or existing Flow.

  • Within your Flow go to Filters and click +Add

  • From the list of available Filters look for Instagram Hashtag Stream. Add it to your Flow by clicking on +Add

Add Hashtags to your Filter

(1) Hashtags: Click in Add Hashtags

  • If this is the first time you are adding a hashtag, click on Add new Hashtag

  • Enter the new Hashtag and choose the Instagram business account you want to associate to it. You can associate up to 30 hashtags per account within a 7-day window. The accounts listed belong to your team.

As Instagram encourages to use this kind of filters only to find content relevant to your brand and wants to prevent #hashtag abuse, there is a periodic limit: you can track up to 30 hashtags in a 7-day window by each Business Profile. Our platform allows you to connect several accounts from the same Social Network, so if you need to track more than 30 hashtags, the best workaround is to associate more Business Profiles.

If after clicking on Accept you get the error It was not possible to add the hashtag this may be due to one of the following reasons:

  • The hashtag does not exist at Instagram yet. In this case, you can create it by posting anything at Instagram using the Hashtag you want to use.

  • Instagram has not assigned an ID to the hashtag in its API.

  • Your account has reached the limit of 30 hashtags associated per account. In this case, what you can do is to use another Instagram Business Profile. If you don't see another Instagram Business Profile listed, you can associate a new one before adding the Hashtag.

  • After adding the new hashtag, you will see it listed and selected. Here you only need to click on Add to filter

  • Now you can see that the hashtag has been added to your Flow

(2) Content Type: For this filter, you can choose to collect between:

  • The most recent posts.

  • The most popular post.

(3) Search Query: This feature is helpful to collect comments on a particular topic, hashtags, keywords, etc. Use it, for example, for polls, encouraging your audience to vote using the terms in the search query.

You also have the option to leave the search query field empty. If you do so, keep in mind that the Flow will collect all the posts you receive mentioning your selected hashtag.

(4) Languages: You can also filter by language

Once the filter configuration is complete, save the changes, and go to the Content Inbox to moderate and curate the content that your Flow is collecting.

Collected Content

Instagram is no longer sharing all the post information to protect their end users privacy. Because of this reason, an Instagram Post collected by the Hashtag Stream Filter will display:

  • The username as Unknown User.

  • Default avatar instead of the original.

  • Empty Handle (e.g. @flowics).

  • The date and time when the post was collected by Flowics and not when the post was published by the user on Instagram.

  • Number of likes that the post has at the collection moment.

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