Introducing Instagram Filters
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Our Instagram filters allow you to collect content and stats from this social network.

For optimal results working with Instagram Content, please make sure you have connected all your Business Accounts to Flowics.

These filters are categorized into sources according to what kind of information you can collect:

  • Stats & Content: By using the stats & content filters, you can collect content (post and comment) and stats.

Starting on November 1, 2018, all plans will have an unlimited* quota for monitoring content from Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and WhatsApp. Only Twitter content will remain limited to the monthly quota of your subscription plan.

*Initially, we are offering a limit of 1 million posts for Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and WhatsApp, free of any charge and subject to change without notice.

Instagram Public Content Stream

On December 10, 2018, Instagram Public Content Stream stopped working due to changes in the Instagram API. We recommend you to create an Instagram Hashtag Stream filter for the Hashtags you want to continue collecting.

  • Due to Instagram Privacy Policies, this stream should not be used anymore and it stopped working on December 10, 2018. We are keeping it on our Platform in order to ease the migration.

  • You can continue tracking Hashtags with the new Instagram Hashtag Stream, but we cannot perform an automated migration because it works differently.

Instagram Hashtag Stream

  • Collects posts from a #Hashtag on Instagram.

  • Due to Instagram Privacy Policies, you first need to have a Business Profile associated with your Team, and each Hashtag you want to track should be associated with a Business Profile.

  • You can track up to 30 hashtags in a 7-day window by each Business Profile.

  • The posts collected with this filter can be filtered with keywords and operators.

Instagram User Stream

  • Collects posts from Instagram Users Profiles.

  • In order to track content from a third-party Instagram business account, make sure to have at least one Instagram Business Profile associated with Flowics.

Instagram Comments Stream

  • Collects comments on a particular public post on Instagram.

  • You must associate with Flowics the Instagram business account from where you want to collect comments.

  • When adding a Post, you may find a number of expiration days/hours for each post, which means that after this time, the Flow will stop collecting comments from this post.

Instagram Mentions Stream

  • Collects all public posts, comments or both, mentioning your account.

  • Useful to keep track of the conversation around you on this social network and also to request user rights on a post mentioning you.

Before using this filter, you must provide additional permissions. In the Social Accounts, next to your Instagram Business account click on Enable Mentions + Rights Management support for this account.

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