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Connecting a Social Account to Flowics
Connecting a Social Account to Flowics
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To collect content from social networks, associating a social account is the first step you need to take after logging in for the first time.

After associating your social accounts you will be ready to create Flows and start collecting content from:


  • To import a list of Twitter accounts to collect content published by the listed users.

  • To do quick searches on Twitter through the Discover Content feature.

  • To add a Twitter native poll to a Twitter Mechanic.

  • To collect replies on a specific tweet using the Twitter Replies stream filter.


  • Search for public posts by hashtags and mentions to your accounts.

  • To retrieve recent posts from one or more specific Instagram Business accounts.

  • To Collect comments from specific posts.

  • To be able to use our Discover Content feature.


Personal Profile:

  • To add filters to your Flows.

Facebook Page:

  • To collect posts.

  • To retrieve comments for one or more specific posts.

  • To count reactions from specific posts within your Facebook pages.

  • To be able to connect live videos to a Facebook live Mechanic.


  • To collect comments from a live chat on a YouTube live video.

  • Make sure to connect the Google account associated with the YouTube channel from where you will be live streaming.

  • To connect a Google spreadsheet to feed graphics with content on the sheet.


  • Retrieve messages from your WhatsApp account.

  • The phone number you connect to is the one from where you will be collecting WhatsApp messages.

Keep in mind, Flowics will not be able to see or use your password, nor access your full account on the associated social networks. The window is asking for authorization to our Flowics app to do some actions from your account like tweeting (for our auto-response module).

Details for each type of social account

  • If you cannot see some of the Social Networks, it is probably because they are not yet available in the Company you are working on. You can contact us through Support to check its availability.

  • To work with YouTube Filters, you will need to Associate a Google Account first.

  • To add an Instagram Business Profile, you will need to provide us with Facebook Permissions, as this kind of account has to be associated with a Page you manage.

  • To be able to use some Instagram Filters (like, for example, Instagram Comments Stream), your Team will need to have the corresponding Business Account associated.

  • Personal Facebook Profiles have an expiration time indicated when you connect them. After this time, you will need to renew the authorization by clicking on the Renew button.

  • When associating a Facebook Page, we recommend you associate it with a user who is an Admin on that Page. If you choose not to, Flowics will allow this. However, adding a Facebook Page with a more basic role can affect the content you can have access to later. For example, when you create a Facebook Comment Stream, it will not bring commenters' avatars or usernames if the Page has been added with a more basic role.

  • The process of associating an account is similar for all Social Networks except for WhatsApp, as it is still experimental support. Learn more in our detailed article on how to set up a WhatsApp Integration.

Technical details

The account association is done via OAuth. Flowics does not save your password at all. It only saves an OAuth token, which does not contain your Twitter password.

This token is requested to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube via the OAuth protocol when the account owner connects it to Flowics. In this process, Flowics requires the specific permissions we need from the Social Network. You will have to introduce your username and password through this process, but this data is requested on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or Google, not on Flowics. Thus, Flowics never knows your account's password.

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