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Setting up an Instagram Comments Stream
Setting up an Instagram Comments Stream
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This filter allows you to collect content comments about a particular public post on an Instagram Business account associated with your Team.

For optimal results working with Instagram Content, please make sure you have connected all your Business Accounts to Flowics.

Filter Configuration

  • Add the Filter to a new or existing Flow.

  • Within your Flow, go to Filters and click on +Add

  • Look for the Instagram Comments Stream in the list of available Filters. Add it to your Flow by clicking on +Add

Add posts to your Filter

If the platform could not find any Page, verify you are logged into the Facebook account. Make sure that whoever connected the Instagram business account is an administrator or editor on that Facebook Page.

(1) Posts: Click on Add Posts

Select an Instagram Business Account from which you will collect the posts. Then click on Accept

  • The accounts listed belong to your Team.

  • You can add one or several posts after choosing the associated Business account.

  • When adding a Post, you may find a number of expiration days/hours for each post, which means that after this time, the Flow will stop collecting comments from this post.

(2) Search Query: This feature is helpful to collect comments on a particular topic, hashtags, keywords, etc. Use it, for example, for polls, encouraging your audience to vote using the terms in the search query.

You also have the option to leave the search query field empty. If you do so, keep in mind that the Flow will collect all comments from the selected posts.

(3) Languages: You can also add a filter by language.

E.g., you can collect all comments about a post in Spanish with #Messi.

Once the Filter setting is complete, click on Save and go to the Content Inbox to moderate and curate the content that your Flow is collecting.

Collected content

This filter cannot retrieve all of the post's information in order to protect the end user's privacy. Because of this, an Instagram Post collected by the Comments Stream Filter will display:

  • The username as "Unknown User".

  • The default avatar instead of the original one.

  • The handle.

  • The date and time when the post was collected by Flowics and not when the post was published by the user on Instagram.

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