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Setting up a Twitch Live Chat Filter
Setting up a Twitch Live Chat Filter
Updated over a week ago

This filter allows you to collect all chat messages sent to a Twitch channel.

You can use those messages to later feed content or stats Widgets. For example, it can be used to show comments as an overlay in a Twitch broadcast, to create Social Polls, and much more.

Filter Setup

1. Add the Twitch channel from where you want to collect chat messages.

2. A search query is helpful to collect comments containing a particular hashtag or keywords.

For example, you can use it for social polling, encouraging your audience to vote by sending messages using one of the terms in the search query.

3. This filter also supports language filtering. You can use it to collect or reject comments written in a particular language.

About Collected Content

  • Collected Twitch messages bring the following content:

  • Username.

  • Twitch icon.

  • Default avatar instead of the original one.

  • Emotes.

  • Links.

  • Date and time when the post was collected by Flowics and not when the post was published by the user on Twitch.

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