Using the Content Inbox
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In this section, you can manage all the social content collected from different sources.

By using the Content Inbox, you can search and moderate content, assign or manually add posts to a Flow or Collection and assign that content to any Broadcast Data Source.

Here, you will visualize all the posts collected by your Flows. Many of these posts have different content such as multiple images, videos, and GIFs.

To access the Content Inbox, click on SOCIAL MEDIA from the top bar menu and Select the Content Inbox.

Getting to know the Content Inbox

Picking a Flow

Select the Flow you need to visualize and manage the collected content.

Filter & Search

You can search for keywords related to the text of a post, username, and author.

You can also filter the collected posts by Status, Type, Social Network, Content and much more! These filters can be combined allowing you to make a faceted search that allows you to access a specific content in a classified and ordered way.

Moderating Post

Once your flows start collecting content, you will visualize it within the Content Inbox and according to the default action you have set (in the Flow's configuration), all the content will be placed in any of the following categories:

  • Accepted: See all the accepted posts, including the ones that were manually added.

  • Pending: If the default action has been set as pending, all the content will go straight to this section (Except for the content accepted or rejected by the curation rules).

  • Rejected: See all the content that has been rejected by the curation rules or manually rejected by the moderator.

There is also an All category where you can find all the social content collected by your Flow no matter if the posts are accepted, pending or rejected.

In the Content Inbox, you have the ability to easily approve, reject and organize social content for public display. By simply clicking on

to accept a post and display it through the Widgets or clicking on

to reject a post that was previously accepted to stop displaying it through the Widgets.

Checking out metrics

Find a count of the total number of posts collected by your Flow on each moderation category (all, accepted, pending, and rejected). This will help you get an idea of your Flow's performance.

Checking out post information

Get additional information about a specific post, such as the post info, author info and moderation info. Simply place the mouse over or tap (for mobile) the

(i) icon. This will help you decide what content to use and how to moderate it.

Sending Posts to Collections

Collections allow you to organize social posts for different uses or for display in different environments (web Widgets or Pages, TV graphics systems, mobile apps, etc.).

To send a post to a Collection just click on the papper plane icon and choose its destination.

Manually Adding Posts

Read the following article to learn about Manually adding posts to a Flow or Collection.

Due to changes on Instagram to protect their end users privacy, the support for manually adding Instagram posts to Flows and Collections in the Content Inbox is no longer available.


With our mobile Content Inbox, you have full control in the palm of your hand. You can easily manage social content on-the-go directly from your Mobile.

It is designed for all those users working away from a computer, who are at events, stadiums, venues, or a TV production studio. You will have the chance to easily approve, reject and organize social content for public display, direct from your mobile. It is also great for TV anchors, giving them now the possibility to manage audience comments and select those to display on screen themselves.

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