Curating Social Content
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Flowics supports two different levels of curation

  1. Flow curation level.

  2. Project curation level.

Flow Curation Level

The curation rules at this level only affect the Flow to which they were added. Within the Flow Setup, go to Curation to find the rules that are affecting your Flow.

Project's Curation Level (Global Curation)

Global curation rules will affect all Flows that belong to an Project. In hierarchical order, the global rules take precedence over the curation rules configured within a Flow.

You can find the global Curation Rules under the SOCIAL MEDIA menu on te top bar. There, you can create new rules, and edit or delete the existing ones.

Flowics also provides an automatic engine that can curate social content based on the rules we previously defined.

When you configure a rule, it can have one of these three possible outcomes:

  • Accept a social post

  • Reject a social post

  • Keep a social post pending for manual moderation

By default, the engine is set to accept all posts that do not match any of the rules, and you can change this default action in the Curation tab of your Flow.

Order in curation rules matters. For example, if you set up curation rule like these:

  • Reject posts that contain the word "yellow"

  • Accept posts that contain the word "orange"

Posts that contain the word "yellow" will always be rejected even if some contain the word "orange". You can reorder the curation rules using drag & drop.

Last, but not least, curation only affects content Widgets and not stats Widgets, so counters, buzz volumes, and Widgets that provide statistics will count all filtered content no matter if it is accepted or rejected by curation.

Check out the available curation rules here.

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