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Using Flows vs Discover Content
Using Flows vs Discover Content
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Flowics offers two different ways to work with social media content. In this section, we explain the differences between using Flows (in combination with the Content Inbox or not) vs. using the Discover Content section.

The Discover Content section is intended for doing quick searches, which are intended to be temporary and not something you will want to monitor 24x7. This section gives you the ability to search and refine in order to look for relevant content around topics that might be trending on social media or just #hashtags or keywords which are of interest to you.

On the other hand, Flows are intended to be used when running a permanent search (in most cases this would be content related to your brand, event, or show) as well as when computing stats for displaying on any of our stats Widgets (Counters, Heatmap, Buzz Volume, Wordcloud, Versus, Ranking, Flock-to-Unlock, etc.).

If you are building a social poll, a social voting or flock-to-unlock Project, or any other participation Mechanic, based on the number of posts or volume of conversation, then you need to work with Flows.

Please refer to the following comparison matrix for a more detailed explanation. Let us look first at use cases:

Ideal Use Cases


Discover Content

Owned conversation curation & analysis

For example, track content under #YourBrand hashtag and mentions to @yourBrand.

Breaking News social content curation

Find content about something that is happening by just looking for a related term, such as Hurricane, Elections, A celebrity's name.

Social participation mechanics

Invite your audience to root for a contender using #Hashtags, and track each Hashtag with a Flow to count which one is performing better.

Trending content discovery and curation

Find what is trending globally or locally on Twitter directly from our Discover tool, to have Tweets and Instagram posts to add to your collections and Flows in a snap.

Data visualization & social reaction analysis

Create a Social Metrics Dashboard to monitor content from different #Hashtags you own.

Any other ongoing conversation curation you might need.
Flows are the ideal solution if you are planning to use that content later and check for analytics.



Discover Content

Analytics available
Content tracked by Flows is computed providing stats that allow you to know its performance over time.

No analytics
Discover Searches are created on the fly, they are not measured at all. It is just a quick way to find content.

Total number of social posts limited by your Monthly Quota

Your Flowics license has a monthly limit for the number of Posts tracked by Flows

Not limited by your social posts mostly quota.

Could be used as a content source for any Widget.

Content can be added to Collections and Flows, for later usage in any Widget.

Supports multiple filters for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube Live, WhatsApp or Twitch, with support for complex queries, language, and location filtering.

Only supports Twitter and Instagram, using @handles, keywords or #hashtags as search definitions.

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