Using the Discover Content
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The Discover content allows you to run immediate searches on Twitter and Instagram, but before going into that make sure you have associated Flowics for Twitter account and Instagram business account.

Discover Content Interface

1) Twitter Searches

You can search for any term/keyword, hashtag, or account.

2) Instagram Searches

Due to Instagram privacy policies, you can only search for Instagram Business profiles.

3) Trending Topics

We use Twitter to detect trends and you can choose between worldwide and located trends. Keep in mind the results are not located.

4) Filtering

Clicking over the Filters icon in the Twitter column will enable some simple filters. You can combine them, for example, by choosing Top content and Videos.

5) Advanced Search

If you are used to advanced operators at Twitter Search (like, for example, “Atlanta-Braves” to exclude tweets that have the word ‘Atlanta’), you can use some of them in the Discover Content section too:

"Exact phrase": Finds tweets containing this exact phrase.

love OR hate: Finds tweets containing either "love" or "hate" (or both).

beer -root: Finds tweets containing "beer", but not "root".

Please notice we do not support using ':' as a search parameter, so you cannot use those operators.

6) Adding Content to Collections

Click on the Send button to send the post to a Collection. If you have already opened a Collection, you will be able to send the posts directly to it.

More details

  • Why am I being asked to associate my Social Accounts? As our system obtains results directly from Twitter & Instagram (practically the same ones you have access to when you do a search from the apps), we need you to associate your Twitter personal account and Instagram Business account‍ first.

  • When you search for a ‘@handle’, only Twitter will bring results, for the same reason as above. If there is a user found, it will be rendered in a special pill at the top of the results, and you can click it to see tweets from that account.

  • Recent Searches: we show up to five recent searches you did during the last seven days. This could help you navigate quickly between different searches.

  • Because of limits imposed by different Social Networks, if you perform a large number of requests in a short span of time, you can face a message asking you to try again later. Wait a few minutes and retry. You can also add more Social Accounts to increase that limit.

Difference with Flows

To learn the difference between Flows and Discover Content, read the following article.

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