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Using Collections
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A Collection is nothing more than a Content Playlist, on which Users can manually curate content, establish a reproduction order and assign it to a web Ticker widget, building blocks for tv graphics and Collection Middleware Source.

Creating a Collection

From the Content Inbox, click on New Collection.

When a Collection is created, by default it is called "New Collection". You can change its name to something meaningful or related to the campaign/Widget, by placing the mouse over the name and clicking on the pencil Icon.

Adding and Deleting Posts

To send a post to a collection just click on the papper plane icon and, (1) and choose the collection of destination (2).

To delete a post from a Collection, simply click on the trach icon.

You can add up to 100 posts in a Collection. Find the amount of posts added just below the Collection's name

Manually Adding Posts

With just the original post's URL, you can manually add content if you happen to stumble upon it and your Flows are not collecting it.

Learn more about this feature reading the article: Manually adding posts to a Flow or Collection.

Due to changes on Instagram to protect their end users privacy, the support for manually adding Instagram posts to Flows and Collections in the Content Inbox is no longer available.

More Options

(1) Click on the More Options icon

(2) You may select one of the following options:

Assign to … : You will see a list of all the available Middleware Sources. Choose one from the list to assign it to a collection in order to start feeding it.

Append Posts From: Bring all the posts from Collection A to B in the same order they were in A, keeping the existing posts in B on top.

Replace Posts From: Bring all the posts from collection A to B in the same order they were in A, deleting the existing posts in collection B.

Clear: Delete all the posts in a Collection leaving it empty and ready to be used again.

Delete this Collection: Delete the Collection including all the posts inside it.

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