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Manually adding posts to a Flow or Collection
Manually adding posts to a Flow or Collection
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Flowics allows you to manually add external posts from social media to any Flow or Collection.

Keep in mind

This is especially helpful in those cases when you have already found and identified relevant social content externally (maybe on &, which you want to display.

Adding posts manually

From the top bar go to SOCIAL MEDIA --> Content Inbox

Adding Posts to a Flow

(1) Make sure to pick the right Flow you want to add the post using the Flow Picker

(2) Click on +ADD POSTS

(3) Copy and paste the post's URL.

(4) Click on ADD

Adding Posts to a Collection

1. Open the Collection menu by clicking on the ... button

2. Select Add Post

3. Paste the URL

4. Click on Add.

5. After adding the post you will see a confirmation message saying that the post was successfully added to the collection.

Things to take into account

  • All the content added manually will go straight to the Accepted tab in the Content Inbox.

  • Only content from Twitter and Facebook can be added manually.

Supported Content

We support the following content for manual addition:

  • Twitter: All public and quoted tweets, retweets, and replies can be added manually.

  • Facebook: All public posts from a Facebook Page, including comments.


If you found yourself with the following error, it means that you have added the post directly to the collection:

In order to solve it, please try adding the post to the flow and then send it to the collection.

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