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Setting up a Flock to Unlock Middleware Source
Setting up a Flock to Unlock Middleware Source
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This type of Middleware Source is used for unlocking an action by reaching a goal. E.g., Collect 100 posts with #certainHashtag and unlock exclusive content. You can connect a Flock To Unlock to integrate its data through our Middleware with your graphics insertion system allowing you to display on the screen a pre-defined target bar.

1. General Settings

  • Name (1): Naming your Flock to Unlock Middleware Source is a good practice so that you and your teammates can identify it for later use.

  • Connected Flows (2): When you create this type of Middleware Source, you should assign it to the Flow from which it will take the number of posts. Click on Select and choose any of your listed Flows to add them to your Middleware Sources.

  • Status (3): It provides your Flock to Unlock status.

  • Posts to reach the goal (4):

    • Show historical top percentage: Never decrease the historical progress the Middleware Source has made.

    • Show actual percentage: If you change the target value, the progress the Middleware Source shows may decrease.

  • Additional Settings (5) Count:

    • Total Posts: Indicates the number of times a hashtag, keyword, or social account was mentioned. This way you can show your audience the real volume of participation.

    • Unique Authors: Indicates how many people participate. This count is very useful for polls since it prevents a user from being able to participate more than once.

    • Percentage decimals: Choose how many decimals (0 - 2) the results will be displayed.

    • Number formatting: According to the selected language, the thousands separator will be a period (.) or a comma (,). For additional information click here.

2. Integration

  • Integration type (1): Select how you want to integrate the data according to the graphics system you have. If it is not listed click others.

Vizrt Integration

  • Integration Steps (2): From here you will be able to access the XML and JSON or you will find the steps on how to integrate according to your CG integration system.

  • Version (3): This refers to the Middleware version. We recommend always using the higher from the drop-down.

  • Connect to Middleware (4): Enable it, pick your middleware from the dropdown, and find the destination path where the File or Database is being written in your destination unit by the middleware.

3. Previewing Flock To Unlock Middleware Source

After you have saved the Flock to Unlock Middleware Source configuration you can preview its data. Keep in mind that this information is not updated in real time, so you should refresh the window to see the latest results.

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