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Setting up a Twitter Poll Mechanic
Setting up a Twitter Poll Mechanic
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This Mechanic allows you to connect a native Twitter poll from our platform in order to show its results on-air during your broadcast / TV show.

Flowics supervises the poll results in real-time and makes them available for their integration into a:

Bear in mind

Before following the steps described above, you should add at least one Twitter account to the team.

1. Setting up a Twitter Poll Mechanic

(1) Select the Twitter account from where you posted the poll you wish to work with. In order for it to appear on the list, you should first associate a Twitter account with Flowics.

If you have not yet associated with a Twitter account, follow these steps in the Twitter section.

(2) If you wish to use a poll that has not been created by one of your Twitter accounts, which is associated with Flowics, you can add it using its URL by clicking on Add a Twitter poll by URL. Copy and paste the Twitter Poll URL and click on Add.

Take into account

If you create a Twitter poll and then you generate a thread, it will not work as a URL. When connecting the poll, it must be created as a Tweet.

(3) Select the Twitter Poll. After the poll is created on Twitter. Bear in mind that over the first 1 - 2 minutes the poll metadata will not be available.

2. Editing a Twitter Poll Mechanic

(1) It is good practice to name your mechanic so that you and your teammates can identify it for later use or reviewing metrics.

(2) The status of the Mechanic and the participation depends on the current status of the Twitter Poll. It will be "Standby" if the Mechanic does not have a Twitter Poll bound yet. It will be "Open" while people can still vote on Twitter and "Closed" if all bound Twitter Poll results are final.

(3) Use this field to type your question. Bear in mind that the title, options, and values are created automatically from the poll's original Tweet.

(4) Enter the answers to your question. Next to each answer you can add an image or video, and switch between one of these using the media type buttons. You can modify the action's details in order to adapt the content to the broadcast media (TV, streaming service, etc.).

(5) You can add a Broadcast image that you can use for integrations through your graphics insertion system or cloud-based graphics using Flowics.

3. Broadcast Integration

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