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Working with a Mechanic Provider
Working with a Mechanic Provider
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Connect this Data Provider to the following mechanics to display their results On-air during a live streaming or TV broadcast:

In the case you are looking for a predefined graphic then we recommend, according to the use case, using the Poll, Scoring, or Story Widgets in any of their available layouts.

Before setting up a Mechanic Provider for Graphics you should:

1. Create a Mechanic.

3. Create a Widget Web (story, poll, or scoring) where your audience will submit their participation.

To learn how to add elements to the Tree, click here‍.

Remember, an Overlay will be created automatically if you didn't add it to Tree after adding the Provider.

Working with a Mechanic Data Provider

This is an example using a Votes interaction into the Story Mechanic from the Remote Control:

1. Connect an existing Mechanic

(1) Add an Overlay and below it the Mechanic Provider.

(2) Connect the Mechanic that will provide the data link it to each of the elements of the graphics.

2. Question

(1) Add a Text Element as a child of the provider. As a good practice, rename it by double-clicking on it, so you can identify your Graphics when triggering it on-air.

(2) Connect it to the Question, so every time you set a question On-air form the remote this will change automatically to the new question and you don't need to manually change it.

3. Data Binding

Add a Dynamic Content List ‍as a child of the Mechanic Provider, and connect the list to the Options Data.

4. Layout

From here you can start adding as children of the List item all the Building Blocks you consider necessary to build your graphics and you can position them in the place you want inside the canvas.

You can add the elements in the order you want, you can also add more or fewer elements. We will be showing the basics then you decide what to show and how.


(1) Either the Value and the Label are Text elements.

(2) The Label is Connected to the option name.

(3) The Value is connected to the percentage but you can also connect it to the count to show the total number of votes instead.


(1) The image was added to the tree to display the Broadcast image you added to your Mechanic.

(2) This building block is connected to the image source of the Mechanic.


(1) The Bar is a Progress Bar Building Block.

(2) It is connected to the percentage of each option to show to represent in a visual way the percentage of each option.



It is a Container where the Title background is set.


It is a Container where the general background is set.

Percentage Precision

You may choose the number of decimals you wish to display on your poll results. For percentage values, the rounding of each option will take into account the total sum to guarantee that is 100%.

(1) Click on Mechanic Provider.

(2) Choose the number of decimals you wish to display.

5. Remote Control / Live operation

During live operation, use the gearwheel icon at the Overlay (1) to access the overlay content controls. When there is a Mechanic provider, you will see a control from which you can:

  • Change the current Mechanic being used (2).

  • Edit the mechanic completely, which includes Open or Close the interaction for web embedded widgets (4), edit the interaction details (3), add new interactions and, of course, select which interaction is On Air (5) for multiple interactions mechanics like Poll Multiple or Story.

You can find more details about what can be done with the Mechanic at our article Setting up a Story Mechanic.

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