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Moving individually the options of your Mechanic
Moving individually the options of your Mechanic
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In order to manipulate individually each answer of your interactions while using a mechanic, you need to create a Dynamic Content List for each option. For example, if you have a 4 options answer poll then you will need to add to your Overlay 4 Dynamic Content lists.

1. Add a Dynamic Content List

As a good practice, you can add a Container element and rename it with the name of each option of your Mechanics. Inside the Container, add the Dynamic Content List and connect it to the provider.

2. Pagination

  • On the Inspector, go to the Pagination filter of the Dynamic Content List.

  • Then set the number of items to show and what item will be rendered first:

    • Set items per page to 1.

    • Set the start item by changing the number of the option to show. So for the first dynamic list you will set it as 1.

3. Duplicate the Dynamic Content List

  • You need to have as many Dynamic Content Lists as options you want to show.

  • To create Identical Content Lists you may copy the first one with Ctrl (Cmd) + C, then select the respective Data Provider and paste it with Ctrl (Cmd) + V.

  • Finally, select each dynamic list and change the "start item" number so you can have all the different options of your poll included in your graphics.

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