Setting up a Scoring Mechanic
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This Mechanic allows you to present on your site any number of options that can be, for example, the players of a team, participants of a contest in a TV show, etc. This way your audience can rate their performance during a game or show.

To learn how to create Mechanics, click here.

1. Setting up your Scoring Mechanic

Take into account the maximum number of answers a mechanic supports:

  • Poll, Scoring, Votes, and Story: Up to 100 answers.

  • Facebook Live: Up to 4 answers. This is a Facebook limit.

Before going into this setup process, please read what Flowics do to prevent deceptive practices like trolling and bots.

(1) It is a good practice naming your mechanic so that you and your teammates can identify it for later use or reviewing metrics.

(2) Use this field to type your question.

(3) Enter the answers to your question.

The question (2) and answer (3) text fields have a 60-characters limit.

(4) If you want to, add an image or embedded media for the web widget to display. Use the Media Type toggle to switch between these options.

(5) Show Broadcast settings so you can add a Broadcast image that you can use for integrations through your graphics insertion system or cloud-based graphics using Flowics.

(6) Add the Broadcast Image.

(7) You can set the maximum and minimum range of your score.

(8) When working with multiple scorings, click here to add a new scoring.

2. Other Settings

  • Restrict the number of times a user can submit their votes and these counts as valid votes. To do this use the Allowed Votes setting.

  • Filter the counting of the votes picking a geographical location using the Allowed Countries option.

  • Edit Producer votes where you can inject votes to your options, this way you can control the mechanic's results.

3. Web Integration

It is a requirement to create a Page with a Scoring widget for web rendering so that your users can participate in the Scoring mechanic by submitting their score.

Use our Script code or oEmbed (if you have the support) to embed the page in your digital properties.

4. Broadcast Integration

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