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Geofencing support for Mechanics
Geofencing support for Mechanics
Updated over a week ago

When activating a Mechanic, you can restrict valid participation to certain countries only.

Within the mechanic configuration click on Allowed Countries, select the geographical location (country) from the dropdown to start filtering the counting of votes. Only one country can be selected.

Please note that this setting does not restrict users from other locations from participating but their votes will not be counted by the system.

Also bear in mind that this setting does not affect the rendering of any of the related web widgets. Web widgets will be rendered in any location, regardless of any geographic restriction.

Be aware!

By default, Mechanics are configured so that all the votes submitted are counted regardless of the geographical location of your users.

Regarding metrics, you will only see votes filtered from the selected country. Votes from other locations won't be available.

(1) Click on Edit.

(2) Click on the Allowed Countries field.

(3) Choose the country you wish to allow your audience to participate.

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