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How to identify a business account on Instagram
How to identify a business account on Instagram
Updated over a week ago

There are a few notable differences between a business account and a personal account.

For example, if you see any buttons that give you the option to contact the company directly (“Message” or “Contact”), that particular account is using a business profile.

Also, if you see a label which indicate a business category, that is a business account.

As you can see in @alemen.test case, his Instagram account has all the information in order to know if your Instagram account is business.

If you have a Business Account, then the options shown will be Switch to Personal Account and Switch to Creator Account. Based on this, your account type is the one that is not shown, as there’s no reason to “switch” to the same account type.

For additional information about how to switch your profile to a business account, click here.

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