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Setting up a Twitter Replies stream
Setting up a Twitter Replies stream
Updated over a week ago

This filter allows you to collect replies to Tweets posted from a Twitter account associated to your team.

Filter Configuration

  1. Add the Filter to a new or existing Flow: within your Flow, go to Filters and click on Add

  2. Look for the Twitter Replies Stream in the list of available filters and click on Add

Add posts to your Filter

  1. Click on Add Posts

  2. Select the Twitter account from which you will collect the replies and then click on Accept.

  3. After choosing the account, you can select one or more posts from which you want to collect replies

If you don't see the account you want to use, you will need to first add it from the Social Accounts section

Once added, you will see the posts listed as the filter detail. From this list you can access the Tweet or delete it from the filter

Filter details

You can add a Search Query and select the language to further refine your filter.

Tip: unfold the Search Operators guide to learn about the query syntax

Once the Filter settings are complete, click on Save. You can now go to the Content Inbox to moderate the replies your Flow is collecting.

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