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AMP Support
Updated over a week ago

When creating a site that supports AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) if you embed any Flowics Page where the amp tag <link rel="amphtml"> is defined, your Flowics page won't render as we don't have amp support.

As the amp technology is an HTML subset, which means that works with a delimited HTML in order to gain performance and predictability, it bans tags for JavaScripts such as <Script>. So, no library can be loaded despíte AMP itself.

A shared link in Twitter has inside its HTML tag <link rel="amphtml"> that will take mobile users to this site instead of the original one. This tag is automatically generated by the CMS for each article.


In order to solve this, you just need to remove the amp tag <link rel="amphtml"> from the page's HTML where the Flowics widgets will be rendered.

Here is the list of the amp use cases Flowics doesn't support:

  • Google AMP

  • Facebook Instant Articles

  • AMP sites

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