WhatsApp Filter is not collecting messages

Be aware

WhatsApp Filter is an experimental feature and we suggest not relying exclusively on it. 

As there is no official API yet, WhatsApp support may become unavailable at certain times, due to unannounced changes in WhatsApp Web interface, on which Flowics relies.

In order to fix some issues that come after you have added a WhatsApp Filter and have not collected any messages from WhatsApp into the Content Inbox, simply follow the steps below:

Flowics Chrome extension

  • Make sure to integrate WhatsApp with Flowics using a Google Chrome extension. Remember the following are required:
    • Google Chrome updated to the latest version.  
    • Flowics Chrome extension.
    • WhatsApp Web app.

Integration token

  • Check the integration token was added.

WhatsApp account

  • Make sure you have entered the associated phone number in the correct format (country code - area code - number).

WhatsApp Web app

  • Remember WhatsApp Web must be open in the same window the Flowics Chrome extension was installed.

In addition, WhatsApp Web must be open while you are collecting messages. If for some reason it is closed or the connection is lost for a long period of time, messages will not be collected. 

Refreshing the WhatsApp Web window

In case you notice the whole data is not collecting, please refresh/restart the WhatsApp web tab.

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