Working with Data Connectors: Stats Perform - Stats Football NFL

This Data Connector is not included in the Graphics license and requires payment of an additional licensing fee. If you need access, please contact your designated Customer Success Manager.

Stats Perform's Stats  Football NFL  connector provides detailed insights on NFL league events so it can be integrated directly into the Flowics Editor.


It requires an API key. if you do not have available, request to your Customer Success Manager designated in Stats Perform.

Setting up Data Connectors

Before working with Data Connectors in Graphics you must set it up. Learn how to set up your Data Connector by clicking here.

Adding the Data Connector to the Graphics Editor

First, you need to add a Data Connector to your tree (1) and then click on Connect (2)

From the Data Connector panel choose Stats Perform Stats - Football (if it's not listed contact your designated Customer Success Manager)

Datasets / Tables

This data connector provides information on NFL games, statistics, schedules, and results. This connector has 4 datasets that provide us with different information.


Using this data set we have access to event information, such as event name, team name, date and time, stadium name, yards from goal, team possession ID, and more.


With this selected date set we have access to the Standings information of the different conferences, table of positions as well as the name and city to which the team belongs, points for conference, division rank, division games behind, and more data.


In this dataset you can access team information of all teams such as venue, venue city, team ID, location, country and more.


With this selected date set we have access to the information of the team, organized by divisions and conferences, the information available it is the same as in the Teams data set, only in this data set the team ID is needed to be able to display the information. 

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