Importing a CSV file into an excel sheet

When importing the Flows' content or Form Audience to a CSV file you might find weird characters such as:

  • España instead of España.
  • México instead of México. 

This happens basically because the CSV file was not properly imported. 

Note the encoding we use in all exports is UTF-8

Please follow the steps below to successfully import a CSV file (they will also help you to split the content into columns):

  • Download the CSV
  • Decompress/extract the file
  • Open Excel
  • Go to Data => Get External Data => From Text

  • Select the file type of "CSV" and browse to your file.
  • In the Import wizard, change the File_Origin to "65001: Unicode (UTF-8)" and then click Next.

  • Pick the TAB Delimiters and then click Next.
  • The column format remains in General.
  • Click Finish to finalize the process.

You now have a properly formatted (and Unicode-friendly) Excel worksheet.

Find more information in the Form element and Exporting flow's content to a CSV file articles.

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