Adding Custom Fonts

The Edit fonts list... option allows you to easily modify and add your favorite fonts to give your Web Pages and Graphics Packages a unique look.

In order to add a font to your Library, follow the steps below:

A. Check if the font exists in Google Fonts' Catalog

Use the Google Fonts Catalog to find the font you wish to add.
(1) In the typography section click on the dropdown to list the available fonts.

(2) Select Edit fonts list...

(3) Within the Google Fonts tab, type the name of the font you wish to add.

  • If the font exists, the next step is not necessary. Simply select it and click on Apply so that it will be available in the fonts list of your Page or Graphics Package.

  • If the font does NOT exist in the Google Catalog, then continue with the next step.


B. Supported format

The formats must be TTF or OTF so it can be uploaded to the system. 

If you have it in a different format, convert it. You can use this free online converter CONVERTIO.


C. Normalize and rename

Normalize and rename the font file(s) according to their size in the following table. 

100 200 300 400 500 600 700 800 900
Thin Extra-
Light Regular Medium Semi
Bold Extra
100i 200i 300i 400i 500i 600i 700i 800i 900i
ThinIt Extra
Lightlt Regularlt Mediumlt Semi
Boldlt Extra

For example:

Rename "Gotham.ttf" to "Gotham-Regular.ttf" or "Gotham-400.ttf" 


The Regular style of the font must be included.


D. Compress

Send your font file(s) compressed in a .ZIP file to

Make sure that:

  1. The font format is TTF or OTF.
  2. Font name has the correct format (see the table in Normalize and rename section).
  3. The regular style must be included.

If your .zip meets these conditions, send it to our support team.


E. Add custom fonts from your library

(1) Click on your library within your Page or Graphics.

(2) Select the font you want to use.

(3) Your font will be added to the currently listed section and then click on Done.

(4) Unfold the typography section and pick the font to apply to your Pages or Graphics Package.

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