Integrating Viz Flowics with Wirecast

Once you have created your Flowics Graphics Package, you have two options to integrate it as a new Shot on Wirecast:

1 - Direct, using "Web page" Shot

By using this method, you do not need to spend a bunch of time launching your alert systems and making sure Screen Capture is properly configured before each stream. This will also save you precious monitor space.
For further information on this matter, please visit this article

2 - Via Google Chrome using "Screen Capture" Shot

You need to open the Graphics Package URL in a new Google Chrome tab and go fullscreen (F11) and then in Wirecast add it as a "Screen Capture" Shot. "Screen Capture" will display any monitor or window open on your computer; you just need to select the one that is running your Graphics.
For further information on this matter, please visit this article.

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