Creating a comments fullscreen using Vizrt Data Reader + Flowics Middleware

In this article, we are going to show how you can configure a Flowics Full-Screen Comments scene in Vizartist.

Please request the .via and .dp file to your designated Customer Success Manager.


1. Having installed the latest version of the middleware and connected to a Collection or Flow  Middleware Source . Make sure you have selected "Others" as Integration Type.

2. Save the .dp file in C:\ProgramFiles\Vizrt\Viz3

3. Have installed the data pool plugin set.

Integrating Flowics with VizArtist

1. Import the Flowics Comments Full-Screen scene in VizArtist.

2. Open the scene.

3. Take a look at the tree and plugins that compose the scene and make sure there are no missing plugins.

4. Check the configuration of the following elements:

  • Control Objects.
  • Disp_Data: DataReader and DataArray plugins.

Control Objects

On the feedUrl path enter the local XML path.

Disp_Data - DataReader

This plugin is going to read the data delivered from the XML, like comments, avatar, username, and handle. The DataReader must be configured as follows:

Disp_Data - DataArray

This plugin must be configured as follow:

  • Field Name: disp_post
  • Notify Only On Change: off
  • User Other Container: off
  • Use Conversion Table: off
  • Type: twitterpost_obj


It contains the Stage Tree Area that shows a representation of all animated elements in the scene.

  • It contains the data available to display 3 types of posts:
    • Without image
    • With image
    • With video
  • Each type of post contains the Stage Area that shows a representation of all animated elements in the scene.
  • To change the size of the time range, place the mouse pointer over the bottom edges of the stage. The mouse pointer becomes a two-sided arrow. Drag to resize.

By unfolding the POST in the tree, you will find additional plugins that will allow you to apply your own look and feel, as follows:

Post without image

Post with image

Post with video

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