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Creating a comments Lower 3rd using Vizrt Data Reader + Flowics Middleware
Creating a comments Lower 3rd using Vizrt Data Reader + Flowics Middleware
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In this article, we are going to show how you can configure a Flowics Comments Fullscreen scene in Vizartist.

Please request the .via and .dp files from your designated customer success manager or our support team.


1. Having installed the latest version of the middleware and connected to a Collection or Flow Middleware Source. Make sure you have selected "Others" as Integration Type.

2. Save the .dp file in C:\ProgramFiles\Vizrt\Viz3

3. Have installed the data pool plugin set.

Integrating Flowics with VizArtist

1. Import the Flowics poll scene in VizArtist.

2. Open the scene.

3. Take a look at the tree and plugins that compose the scene and make sure there are no missing plugins.

4. Check the configuration of the following elements:

  • Control Objects.

  • Disp_Data: DataReader and DataArray plugins.

Control Objects

On the feedUrl path enter the local XML path.

Disp_Data - DataReader

This plugin is going to read the data delivered from the XML, like comments, avatar, username, and handle. The DataReader must be configured as follows:

Disp_Data - DataArray

This plugin must be configured as follow:

  • Field Name: disp_post

  • Notify Only On Change: off

  • User Other Container: off

  • Use Conversion Table: off

  • Type: twitterpost_obj


It contains the Stage Tree Area that shows a representation of all animated elements in the scene.

To edit the animation keyframe:

  • Click the Anim plugin on the Post container in the scene tree.

  • It is possible to see a representation of the animation on the Stage (top menu).

  • To change the size of the time range, place the mouse pointer over the bottom edges of the stage. The mouse pointer becomes a two-sided arrow. Drag to resize.

  • When the Collection has two or more posts, automatic cycling is enabled. Its default value is 5 seconds.

Keep in mind

  • The number of characters supported is up to 280 characters but it has a 3-line space, so posts that have more than "3 enters" will not be completely displayed.

  • Emojis: Keep in mind the social TV plugin TextHighlight is required to support emojis. For more information, contact the Vizrt support team.

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