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Checking your screen resolution
Checking your screen resolution
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When setting up a Graphics built in Flowics is mandatory to know in advance the screen resolution of the PC that will be running that integration, in order to view it without unwanted results (misalignment, cropped or distorted elements).

Is also very important to have installed the latest version of Google Chrome and make sure that your browser's zoom level is set at 100% (no zoom at all).

You can check all of this in a snap on

Screen resolution "Width" and "Height" values will tell you the physical screen resolution (not Html or Browser window one).

Browser's zoom level If the value is ≠1, you have a zoom level other than 100%. Pressing CRTL+0 (CMD+0 on Mac) will restore it to 100%

Pixel Ratio If the value is >1, we are in presence of a high-density screen like Apple Retina (Only for information purposes).

User Agent Info Here is some miscellaneous info about browser version and OS. This could be useful when troubleshooting visual bugs.

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