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Integrating Viz Flowics with LiveU studio
Integrating Viz Flowics with LiveU studio
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Flowics graphics can be integrated with liveU studio as a webpage source. Below you will find a step-by-step guide to complete this integration.

Create a live stream

Using the latest version of the Google Chrome browser is strongly recommended. Also to check in your Chrome settings that cookies are accepted on all sites.

  1. On the main dashboard click on + CREATE NEW LIVE STREAM

  2. Setup the stream information (all of these are optional)

    • Title

    • Date: the date when you will be streaming

    • Start time: the time your stream will start.

    • Visibility: choose between Public, Unlisted or Private

    • A brief description

    • Also you can upload an image that will be use as a thumbnail for your stream.



By default the stream resolution is 1280X720, but we recommend to change it to 1920X1080 as the default resolution in Flowics graphics is Full HD. To do so

  1. Edit the Program Feed

  2. Unfold the resolution feed >> pick 1920X1080

  3. Save

To send your stream in multiple qualities, for example send your feed to Facebook in 60 FPS 1920x1080 and the same feed to Twitch in 1280x720 30FPS, then read the following article:

Adding Publishing Points

Here you will be adding the destination of the streaming.

For further information on how to create and set a livestream we recommend reading the following documentation:

Add an Input

Integrate your Graphics as a webpage source:

(1) Go to the Production Studio.

(2) Add an Input.

(3) Select Webpage.

(4) Add Flowics.

(5) Enter the URL of your Graphics Output and click Save.

Flowics graphics is now available in your control room:

To edit it, you just have to double click on the input, you will be able to :

(1) Change its position.

(2) Modify URL, zoom, format.

(3) Add an animation.

(4) Change the input name.

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