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Integrating Viz Flowics with Kiswe Studio
Integrating Viz Flowics with Kiswe Studio
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Flowics Graphics can be integrated with Kiswe Studio as Dynamic HTML Widgets. Here you will find the step-by-step guide.

Scene Layout

Make sure your scene layout has a Widget Box. If not, you have to go into the layout editor (main dashboard on the left side) and add a widget box to the layout.

(1) Go to Scene Layout to access your templates.

(2) Edit template.

(3) Add a Widget Box. When adding the new box name it, for the case we call it Flowics Full Screen and the box type must be Widget.

(4) Define the area that will cover the widget in the scene. As this example is a Fullscreen we set the width 1920px and height 1080px.

(5) Save Changes.

For more information on the layout editor go to


In Kiswe Studio you must add your Flowics outputs as widgets in your assets folder.

(1) If you have not created an assets folder, you can do so in All assets.

(2) In our case, we created the Flowics folder where we added all the graphics we will be using in the live stream.

(3) Click +Add to your Flowics output.

  • From the listed options choose Widget type.

  • Name it.

  • Add the Flowics output URL.

(4) Here you will see listed all your already created assets.

Create an Event & Cast

(1) Create an event

(2) Create a Cast

When creating the cast, make sure to add the folder where you have the Flowics outputs in the assets step.

(3) Assets. From the Available Folders, select the folder where you have the Flowics outputs and send it to the Selected folders.

(4) Open the scene to add the Flowics overlays to your live stream.

Adding Flowics Overlays

In the scene go to the assets and just simply drag the Flowics output (1) and drop it into the Widget Box, which for the case we called Flowics Full Screen (2).

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