Scenes Navigator
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Just like slides in a presentation, Scenes allow you to organize your Graphics Package elements during both edition and live operation.

Scenes contain Regions, Overlays, and every other element, and only one Scene can be visible at a time.


Any graphics package will have at least 1 scene. There are 6 scene templates.

These templates can be modified either by adding more Regions from the Building Blocks list or by deleting the ones that you are not going to use.

To add a new scene click on + and choose the scene type based on your needs.

Scenes can be deleted in case you do not need it.

All Scenes

It is a view of all the scenes and also a way to access the global properties of the graphic package:

  • Language: Use English, Spanish or Portuguese in Widgets and default captions.

  • Show cursor on output: Use it to show mouse or trackpad focus on output.

  • Background style: Add a common background to all scenes.

You can also see all these properties by clicking on any empty place being in the Canvas.


You will be able to reorder your scenes by dragging and dropping it.

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