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Hyperlink support for Google Sheets Provider
Hyperlink support for Google Sheets Provider
Updated over a week ago

The Google Sheets Provider supports images inserted by URL in your spreadsheet to integrate them into your Flowics Graphics. The image must be hosted and served over http or https however, it is highly recommended to use https to prevent mixed content.

Note: You can only use URLs that aren't hosted at

The function HYPERLINK allows you to create a hyperlink inside a cell.


=HYPERLINK("url", ["link_label"])

  • url - The full URL of the link location enclosed in quotation marks.

    • Only certain link types are allowed. http://, https://, mailto:, aim:, ftp://, gopher://, telnet://, and news:// are permitted; others are explicitly forbidden. If another protocol is specified, link_label will be displayed in the cell, but will not be hyperlinked.

    • If no protocol is specified, http:// is assumed, and is prepended to url.

  • link_label - [ OPTIONAL - url by default ] - The text to display in the cell as the link, enclosed in quotation marks.

    • If link_label is the empty string literal (""), the cell will appear empty, but the link is still accessible by clicking or moving to the cell.

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