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Global Data Providers' Actions
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This API outlines the various actions that can be performed on some Global Data Providers such as Google Sheets and Timer Providers.

These Global Data Providers can be targeted using the Integration ID specified by the user in the Inspector panel. You can also use node IDs (found on the URL query param nodeId when selecting it on the Graphics Editor), or node names (the one that appears on the Elements Tree).

To utilize this API, it is imperative to generate a token for the Graphics Package that requires control. Detailed instructions on generating the token can be found in this article.

Find all you need to know about the Global Data Providers' Actions API by reading the full API documentation here.

Global Google Sheets Provider API

This API allows you to manually sync data coming from a Google Sheet.

Rate Limit

This operation is rate-limited at 1 request per minute per IP. So is intended to be called a response to a manual sync operation triggered by a user and not as a high-frequency action.

Learn more here

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