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Output Tally Support
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Tally support is exclusive to Enterprise plans.

Enterprise plans have access to a real-time log of the status of the Graphics Output via a WebSocket connection. With this support, users can get real-time updates whenever the output changes, limited to 3 main events:

  • An overlay is taken IN

  • An overlay is taken OUT

  • A new item becomes visible in a Ticker element (including Text Crawler)

How to use it

  1. To connect to the Tally WebSocket, you'll need the token for the graphics package associated with your output. Learn how to generate your token here.

  2. Create a client application/script to connect to the WebSocket. You can test using wscat in the command line.

Getting the logs

Establish a connection to the following URL:


The log of events will start streaming for the moment that you establish the connection.

Currently, there is no historical archive of output logs.

Two different events will be reported in the Tally:

  • activeOverlayChanged: It reports the state change of an overlay from IN to OUT or OUT to IN

  • CrawlerItemChanged: It reports a change from one item to another in the Crawler. Keep in mind that to start receiving messages in the logs, it is necessary to open your Output.

Tally reporting & Ticker element considerations

When adding a Ticker element into your graphics and aiming for it to generate logs in the Tally, you should enable the "Report Current Item to Tally" option. Learn how to enable this feature by reading the Ticker Building Block article.

Once activated, events will start logging into the Tally from the output. This behavior applies to all loaded or open instances of the same output, leading to the WebSocket Tally reporting multiple events when, in reality, there's only one, due to possible discrepancies among the tickers you have in the open output instances.

So in case you have to open multiple outputs with the same Ticker, to avoid getting multiple events, you will need to use the Output Monitor. It runs the Ticker but doesn’t log its current item, allowing you to preview the Output without affecting Tally reporting.

If there are no Tickers configured to Report to the Tally, no logs are being made by the Output with impact in the Tally. So in this case the Output Monitor option won't be available.

The Output Monitor option is also shown when there is a Ticker configured to “Remember last shown item”, even if the Ticker is not reporting its current item to the Tally.

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