Analyzing Pages
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Find your Pages metrics by going to SECOND SCREEN from the top bar menu and then Pages Analytics.

In the Pages Analytics section, you will be able to analyze and monitor the performance of your published Pages.

About Metrics

The main metrics you will find are:

  • Page views: occur when a Page is rendered in a user's web browser, either as an embedded object or as a landing page.

  • Interactions: have different origins and types, the most important one is Engagements.

  • Engagement Ratio: measures Engagements/Pageviews and provides a simple way of analyzing how your Pages performs and attracts users.

Within Interactions, you will find:

Engagements: the ones that generate a certain engagement.

  • Tweet/Post: are present in Widgets that provide a way to post or vote in social networks: Ranking, Versus, Flock-to-Unlock, and Call-to-Action.

  • Retweet/Like/Reply/Share: come from the Widgets that display content.

  • Follow: come from the Versus, Ranking and Top Authors Widgets which may display a Follow button.

  • Submit Form: the interactions over the Submit button in Forms.

Important: All engagements count when the user clicks on each button regardless the user actually completes each task, e.g., they count each time the user clicks the vote button, not the number of actual votes.


Clicks that happen inside an iframe, like for playing or pausing a video, ARE NOT counted as Interactions. For example, clicks on videos inserted in a Poll, versus or Embed element will not be counted.

Total Interactions: all interactions that imply a click or a tap within the Page.

  • Open Content: counts each time the user opens a post within the Page. They happen in all the Widgets that display content.

  • Carousel: counts each time the user clicks/taps to move from post to post in a Ticker Widget. Be aware the Top Tweets carousel will not count yet.

  • Load More/Load New: happens when the user explores a Mosaic or Live Feed Widget.

  • Change Time Range/Select Flow: happens when the user clicks/taps these elements inside the Buzz Volume Widget.

Outbound: interactions do not count for now any clicks/taps that lead outside the Page like user handles, hashtags or links to posts.

About Time Ranges & Granularity

Time Ranges are restricted to work within certain periods and granularities:

  • Data from Pageviews will be available from the moment the Page was published, although the time range is restricted to the date the Page was created, so you may find periods where there aren't any page views.

  • Data from Interactions is available from March 25 2017 UTC.

  • Data from Pageviews is available from May 1 2016 UTC.

  • Granularity availability varies depending on each chosen time range.

About Posts with Most Interactions

This feature shows the top 20 posts with most interactions. This only applies to Widgets that display actual social content (Live Feed, Mosaic, etc.). Thus, interactions, in this case, imply Retweet/Like/Reply/Share and Open Content.

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